Researching theatre within the process of staging a production.

Dr George Rodosthenous is Associate Professor in Theatre Directing at the School of Performance and Cultural Industries of the University of Leeds since 2002. He has been the Director of Enterprise and Knowledge Transfer for the School from 2009-2012. George is the Artistic Director of the theatre company ‘Altitude North’ and works as a freelance director/composer for the theatre.

On 19th of March Dr Rodosthenous visited USN, campus Notodden. Here he held a lecture – The body in performance, refining improvisational techniques and compositional practices for performance. He talked as well about updating Greek Tragedy and some of the theatre performances he had directed as well as researched. In studio, we had the possibility to tolk about aesthetics, learning processes and his academic research within the process of staging a music theatre production. Talking to Dr. Rodosthenous is Joanna Magierecka, Associate Professor in Theater, Campus Notodden.

PodEst – podcast om estetiske læreprosesser is produced by members of Forsningsgruppen for estetiske læreprosesser, USN.

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